Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Soft Starters, the wise choice. Far too often it is seen in industrial settings the use of starting motors and machines at full power. In doing this a great amount of stress is placed on all mechanical functions causing a higher amount of maintenance on the mechanical system which translates into more down time, thus causing loss of production and revenue. Soft starters are the perfect prescription for the ailment. These units are designed to gradually bring mechanical operations up to speed, thus limiting the stress placed on the system and increasing it's life. In addition, the benefit is less down time for maintenance, increased production and revenue.

There are many soft starters on the market today. The wise choice is obviously to go with the latest models. There is nothing that is more frustrating than going with an older model that may be discontinued within the next year or two. Just for saving a few dollars initially on an older model can create headaches down the road when the product is no longer supported by the manufacturer. There are service companies in existence that can assist in the repair of older models, however, the repair is made difficult when the parts are no longer available. However, if the budget is one that is restricted, an older model soft starter is still better than continuing with the grind that may end up creating more cost in the long run.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

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